TechSmart Consulting Inc.

We Help Employees Communicate Clearly And Concisely.

Poor business communication has been blamed for seven to eight weeks of lost productivity per year — per employee.

TechSmart Consulting Inc. was founded in September 2002 and specializes in technical communication consulting and training.

TechSmart’s extensive technical writing work ranges from implementing company-wide documentation standards to developing a company’s first online documentation repository to creating, editing and managing an 18-volume set of information systems best practices. TechSmart’s experts have also documented process flows and work procedures, written policies, and developed and managed intranet sites.

TechSmart is uniquely positioned to offer your business two services

Business writing is not novel writing, creative writing, or academic writing.
The purpose of business writing is to get something done.

Custom business writing workshops

Tailored to your company's needs, focused on your employees

Technical writing and editing services

When you don't have the time to complete documentation yourself